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Founded in 2011, Foshan Neexgent Energy Co.,Ltd.

is a company committed to renewable new energy systems, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of lithium-ion batteries, battery packs and accessories.

The products are widely used in robots, electric vehicles, rail transit, ships, solar street lamps, electric energy storage, emergency power supply, communication base stations and other fields.

The company has more than 2000 square meters of plant, independent R&D ability and perfect management system.


Example of solar parking system in California, USA

This is a great way to save money on energy costs, as well as to help the environment by using solar power.

Installation of a solar system for an American customer

A solar system can include a variety of components, depending on the needs of the homeowner.

Home Energy Storage system 2018-Trinidad and Tobago

If so, then installing a lithium-ion battery may be a good option for you.

Customized lithium battery solutions for Spanish customers

Spanish customers have a variety of options when it comes to choosing lithium battery solutions.

Installation of solar energy system for a customer located in Spain

Many homeowners are turning to solar power to meet their energy needs.

Installation of solar systems in customer homes in the Czech Republic

Save on energy costs by installing solar panel systems in your home.


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Solar panels

Home lighting system

Street lighting system

Charge your car

Electric power system for household appliances (washing machine, TV series, refrigerator, electric fan, etc.)

Electric motorcycles

Battery storage box

PV combiner box

Hybrid solar inverter

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1234,Bloco B, Módulo 8, Distrito Industrial,
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Thanlyin Tsp, Yangon, Myanmar

house 15, 2 Street 19, F-6/2 F 6/2 
F-6, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital 
Territory, Pakistan

2023 West Gage Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 90047, USA


What behaviors can cause lithium batteries to reduce their lifespan

These years, Lithium-ion battery is getting to replace lead-acid battery in the new energy market because of their long lifespan and stable performance.

How wall power can help you live a better life

If you\'re looking for a way to improve your quality of life, you may want to consider investing in a 48v power wall battery.

Selection of home solar systems

One of the best ways to go green and save money is to install a home solar system.


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East of Block 9, Kidford Industrial Park, South Huabao Road, Chancheng District,Foshan City.GuangDong Province,China.

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