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Neexgent LifePO4 Battery Cell 3.2V 50AH Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery For RV Solar Energy


LiFePO4 Battery Cells

3.2V 50Ah





Lead Time

10 Days


T/T, L/C,Western Union


10 Years


  • Safe & Stable: Non-toxic, no rare metals, no explosions or fires.
  • Long Life: Lasts 10x longer, 4000-6000 cycles.
  • Lightweight: 1/4 of lead-acid batteries' weight.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Works from -20 to +75°C.
  • No Memory Effect: Charge anytime without capacity loss.
  • Versatile Use: Great for RVs, ships, home storage, and telecom.
  • High Energy Density: 1C-50A discharge capability.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4 or LFP), exemplified by our 3.2V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cells, present a multitude of advantages over lead-acid batteries and other lithium counterparts. These include an extended lifespan, zero maintenance, exceptional safety features, lightweight design, and enhanced discharge and charge efficiency.


Product Features:

  • High Capacity and Consistent Discharge Voltage
  • Extended Operational Duration with Superior Performance
  • Featherweight and Compact Dimensions
  • Exceptional Discharge Characteristics, Minimal Internal Resistance
  • No Memory Effect, Strong Discharge Capability, and High Temperature Resistance
  • Environmentally Safe for Ecological Preservation
  • Guaranteed 100% Authentic Original Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Equipped with Built-in Anti-Explosion and Circuit Protections
  • Extended Cycle Life, Exceeding 6000 Recharge Cycles
  • Reliable Uniformity, Minimal Self-Discharge Rate



Accessory specifications
Busbars: 90*20*2mm or 100*20*2mm
(We offer two options for busbars; for additional details, please contact us.)

Screw Size: M6
1 Battery Kit: Includes 1 busbar, 2 nuts, and 2 screws

For 4 Battery Kits: You'll receive 4 busbars, 8 nuts, and 8 screws.
(If you require more, please reach out to us via our online support.)

3.2v 50ah lithium iron phosphate battery cells accessory


Other notes:

  • This is a brand new Grade A 3.2V 50Ah LiFePO4 Battery Cell item with an intact QR code.
  • Each battery comes with a set of bus bars and bolts. For example, if you purchase 4 batteries, you will receive 4 sets of bus bars and bolts.
  • We rigorously test each battery for voltage and internal resistance. Voltage deviation is less than 0.01V, and resistance deviation is less than 0.1mΩ.



  • Avoid submerging or placing the battery near water sources.
  • Keep the battery away from heat sources.
  • Refrain from charging the battery in environments below 0 degrees Celsius.
  • Avoid exposing the battery to direct sunlight during charging.
  • Ensure correct polarity: never reverse the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals.
  • Do not attempt to personally modify or disassemble the battery.
  • Avoid dropping the battery from heights or subjecting it to excessive pressure.
  • Use a dedicated lithium battery charger for charging.
  • Store the battery out of children's reach.
  • Prevent short circuits by avoiding metal contact between the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

3.2v 50ah lifepo4

3.7 volt lifepo4 battery

deep cycle lithium battery for solarelectric car lithium ion battery price


Additional packaging details:

  • High-hardness custom sponge for added battery protection.
  • 5 layers of secure export-grade corrugated carton.
  • Positive and negative terminals are insulated with tape.
  • The outer box is sealed with waterproof tape.
  • Bus bars and bolts are included in a sealed envelope.
  • By default, each cell comes with 1 bus bar and 2 bolts. If you need more, please contact us.




3.2v 50ah Lifepo4 Battery Cells size

Model NO. NG50

Nominal Capacity(AH)


Nominal Voltage(V)


Standard Charge Current(A)


Maximum Charge Current(A)




Max. Discharge Current(A)


Max.Charge Voltage(V)


Discharge Cut-off Voltage(V)


Charge Working temp.(ºC)


Discharge Working Temp.(ºC) -20~55ºC
Cycle Life 6000 Cycles
Size 147*90*21mm


Electrical Performance Diagram
Rate discharge curve at 25℃

3.2v 50ah lithium iron phosphate battery cell Charge and Discharge Diagram

Discharge curves at different temperature

3.2v 50ah lithium iron phosphate battery cell Charge and Discharge Diagram

Cycle curve(charge/discharge:1C/1C, 3.65V-2.5V)

3.2v 50ah lithium iron phosphate battery cell Charge and Discharge Diagram

  • Household Solar Energy System: LiFePO4 battery cells provide exceptional safety, durability, and efficiency, making them a reliable and eco-friendly choice for home solar power. They enable energy independence, backup during outages, and cost savings for homeowners.


  • Portable Electronics: These batteries power a wide array of portable devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and digital cameras. Their lightweight design is well-suited for these applications, offering high power in a compact package.


  • Business & Commercial: LiFePO4 batteries are commonly employed in business and commercial applications, including alarm systems, solar panel systems, and security lighting, ensuring dependable power supply.


  • Marine Applications: With their lightweight and high-power capabilities, LiFePO4 batteries are the preferred choice for propelling fishing boats and kayaks.


  • Industrial Settings: LiFePO4 batteries excel in industrial environments due to their ability to endure high temperatures and maintain charge over extended periods. They are the ideal choice for powering machinery and equipment in such settings.