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25 Years

10KW European Hybrid Solar System

The 10kw European Hybrid System, an energy model that integrates renewable and conventional energy sources, is driving a revolution in the energy sector in Europe. It aims to combine renewable and conventional energy sources organically to ensure economic growth while achieving environmental sustainability.


Solar panels (410W 182MBB all-black solar panels):
Solar panels are one of the core components in the 10kw European hybrid system. With the 410 Watt 182MBB all-black solar panel, it is able to efficiently convert solar energy into electricity. This high-performance solar panel not only offers excellent photovoltaic conversion efficiency, but also corrosion resistance, long life and high reliability, providing a sustainable and clean energy source for the 10kw European hybrid system.


Hybrid inverter (Deye SUN-5-12K-SG04LP3):
The Deye SUN-5-12K-SG04LP3 hybrid inverter is one of the key components of the 10kw European hybrid system. As a key link in the energy conversion process, the inverter converts the direct current generated by the solar panels into alternating current for use in the grid and in the home. With its high efficiency and stable power conversion capability, the hybrid inverter provides a reliable energy conversion solution for the European hybrid system.


Energy storage battery (NX-48200 wall-mounted battery):
Energy storage batteries play a vital role in the European hybrid system, the NX-48100 wall-mounted battery is a high-performance energy storage solution that stores excess solar power and releases it when needed. With its high capacity, long life and high security, this energy storage battery provides a stable energy reserve and regulation capability for the 10kw European hybrid system.


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Product Specification



Solar Inverter

10kw 3 phase hybrid inverter 
1.Brand: Deye 
2.Battery Voltage Range: 40-60v 
3.Weight (kg): 33.6
4.Size (mm): 422W x 699.3H x279D
5.Protection Degree: IP65



Solar Panel

High Efficiency Monocrystalline 
Solar Module 400-415W
Power: 410W
Cell number: 6*18
Size: 1722×1134×30mm
Weight: 21.5kg




Glazed tile roof bracket (Straight hook type)
Stainless steel bent hook, tapping screw, guide rail, Guide rail coupling, slide block nut, inside hexagonal bolts, medium press block, Side press block




Rated capacity: 200Ah 
Rated energy: 10240Wh 
Nominal voltage: 51.2V
Internal resistance: ≤40mΩ @1kHz AC
Standard charging voltage: 57.6V Recommended charging current: 20.0A Communication: RS485/RS232



Combiner Box 4 input 1 output
>4 PV string inputs with max current 40a
>With PV dedicated high voltage lightning protection device 20KA-40KA
>Waterproof terminals
>Lightning Protection,it can reduce solar cable
Cable&Accessory 4 mm2: PVC insulated, single core, Red Meters 45
4 mm2: PVC insulated, single core, Black Meters 45
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