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Neexgent 3.2v 230ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Cell Lifepo4 Battery For Solar Energy Storage

• 3.2v 230ah lifepo4 battery cell application :solar house, solar storage system , private solar house, residential, commercial and industrial, solar farm, and solar parking.  RV, electrical motor cycle, electrical car and vechiso on. 

• Long life span:>3500cycles 

• Grade A new battery  


• carton box with foam packing no damage in the shipment . 

• High safety battery, lithium battery no burn happening compare to lead acid battery. 

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Model NO. NG230

Nominal Capacity(AH)


Nominal Voltage(V)


Standard Charge Current(A)


Maximum Charge Current(A)




Max. Discharge Current(A)


Max.Charge Voltage(V)


Discharge Cut-off Voltage(V)


Charge Working temp.(ºC)


Discharge Working Temp.(ºC)


Cycle Life

4000 Cycles

Size 210*173*53mm

• Used for light Marine batteries, solar cells and electric vehicle batteries.

• Used for license plate monitoring equipment, depth sounders, paddle boards and playground equipment.

• LifePO4 technology is being used in small electric cars, electric green lawn mowers, scissor lifts and even garbage trucks.

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