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Neexgent X3 Power Supply Single Brush Telescopic Rod Solar Panel Cleaning Equipment 3.5m 5.5m 7.5m Single-Head Cleaning Brush


Solar Panel Cleaning Brush
Typology Single head
Model Manually operated

Lead Time

10 Days


T/T, L/C,Western Union


5 Years

Single head solar panel cleaning device

In the year 2024, the recently patented technology, featuring both air-cooled dry cleaning

and dual-use with water capabilities, has been officially introduced.

Improved Stability with Single-Head Balanced Power

Featuring an enhanced structural design for increased stability, this system incorporates a single

brush head that efficiently rotates and balances the applied force. Harnessing the friction generated

by the high-speed rotation of the electric brush, it effectively addresses dust, adhesive dirt, and

obstinate bird droppings on solar panels, complemented by a water spray. Despite transitioning from

dual to single-head, the advanced design still ensures superior stability compared to single-head

devices or roller brushes.


Extension Pole with Locking Mechanism, Extending up to 7.5 Meters
Featuring a reliable locking mechanism, the telescopic pole allows for flexible length adjustments,

enabling easy cleaning from the bottom to the uppermost part of the panels. With the ability to

effectively clean around four rows of solar panels, it offers convenient and versatile maintenance.


Single-Head Solar Fiber Brush with High Density

Crafted from imported nylon material, this brush features outstanding wear resistance and ensures

no damage to solar panels during cleaning, now in a single-head design.


Effortless Cleaning with a Lightweight Design of around 6kg

In order to facilitate convenient remote cleaning and control, the machine has undergone substantial

weight reduction in its structure, all while maintaining a balanced power distribution. With the capacity

to be held with one hand, even at a length of 8 meters, it ensures easy cleaning without causing fatigue

to workers or necessitating long-distance travel.


Effortless Cleaning with T-Type Angle Adjustment

Through automatic angle adjustment, our system eliminates the requirement for manual angle tweaking

during cleaning, catering to both close and distant surfaces. The T-type damping structure ensures the

brush head aligns parallel to the surface, improving product stability and optimizing cleaning efficiency.


There are two pole options for cleaning solar panels: aluminum alloy (default) and carbon fiber

(with varying prices), customizablebased on your needs. Aluminum alloy poles are durable and

suitable for regular use, while carbon fiber poles are lighter and more flexible, ideal for intricate cleaning tasks.

Choose based on your requirements; carbon fiber is better for frequent carrying or cleaning complex surfaces,

despite the higher price.

pole options for cleaning solar panels

solar tech brushsolar plate leaning brushsolar panel cleaning telescopic brushsolar panel cleaning roller brushsolar panel cleaning brush with long handlesolar panel cleaning brush pricesolar panel cleaning brush and pole bunningssolar panel brush bunnings




solar cleaning equipment

The X31 version includes:

  •  Aluminum or carbon fiber telescopic pole
  •  8m hydropower parallel line
  •  8m extension cable
  •  9m extension hose
  •  Power supply cable
  •  1* photovoltaic brush
  •  1*drive motor kit
  •  Switch control box(contains water pump)
  •  220V power converter
  •  1.3m pumping pipe
  •  Accessories package


X31 version is equipped with a DC water pump with a head of 15 meters and a

maximum water flow of 180 liters/hour. The power converter can be connected

to 100V-240V AC.



solar panel cleaning supplies

The X32 version includes:

  •  Aluminum or carbon fiber telescopic pole
  •  8m hydropower parallel line
  •  9m extension hose
  •  1* photovoltaic brush
  •  1*drive motor kit
  •  220V power converter
  •  Lithium battery pack
  •  Electric spring wire
  •  Charger
  •  Backpack
  •  Accessories package


X32 version is equipped with a set of piggyback lithium battery packs, 24V/15ah,

and about 7-8 hours of battery life; can be directly connected to the water

source(the pump can be purchased separately).



solar panel washing system.jpg

The X33 version includes:

  •  Aluminum or carbon fiber telescopic pole
  •  8m hydropower parallel line
  •  8m extension cable
  •  9m extension hose
  •  1.3m pumping pipe
  •  Power supply cable
  •  1* photovoltaic brush
  •  1*drive motor kit
  •  Switch control box(contains water pump)
  •  220V power converter
  •  Lithium battery pack
  •  Electric spring wire
  •  Charger
  •  Backpack
  •  Accessories package


X33 version combines the X31 and X32 versions, providing two power supply solutions,

free choice, and direct connection to the water source.



Product Parameter


Household Version

Lithium Battery

Dual Version

Length of Hose         16 meters (can be customized)

✖ (8 meters)

Length of Pole                     3.5 m / 5.5 m / 7.5 m

Retracted Length                1.5 m / 1.8 m / 2.2 m

Cleaning Width                    30cm

Motor                                   Voltage: 24 V / 120 W
                                             Speed: 320 RPM


Lithium Battery                    24 V / 15ah

The Pump Parameter          24 V / 100 W ✖(optional)

Power Supply                      AC 100-240 V to DC 24 V


Comparison of parts and equipment:


Neexgent brand

Friendly business

Motor quality comparison


Brand motor, longer service life

Brand motor, longer service life

Small workshop

small workshop

Runfeng motors are supplied by famous brands with stable quality.




Protective cover protects the motor

Bare motor

Runfeng motor has added a unique protective cover design, which is dust-proof,waterproof and anti-collision.

Plug quality



Waterproof joint, waterproof grade lP68

waterproof joint, waterproof grade ip68

Ordinary plug, almost waterproof

ordinary plug, _almost waterproof

Runfeng adopts integrated cable waterproof joint. 2.Better water resistanceand durability, longer service life.


Cable protection

Add protective net outside the pipeline

add protective net outside the pipeline

Exposed cable leakage

exposed cable leakage

Runfeng cable is equipped with wear-resistant net to effectively prevent the cablefrom being damaged during operation and improve its service life.

Power quality



[GVE] Brand power supply

[gve] brand power supply

Unknown brand

unknown brand

Runfeng adopts the domestic top three brands of power supply [GVE], which hasmore reliable quality, low failure rate and longer service life.


Brush package comparison

hair transplant, better quality

hand woven, easy to damage

Runfeng adopts the hair planting process, which is more firm than the braidedbrush head, is not easy to shed hair, and increases the service life of the brush head

* Six years of expertise, delivering unparalleled quality through continuous upgrades.