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Neexgent Solar Panel Power Optimizer 400w 600w Solar Power Optimizer For 10kw Hybrid Solar System

The Solar Power Optimizer is a cutting-edge product designed to maximize the efficiency and output of solar energy systems. It is an innovative device that works by optimizing the performance of individual solar panels in a solar array. The Solar Power Optimizer is installed at the panel level and is compatible with most types of solar panels, making it a versatile solution for both residential and commercial solar systems.

600w solar optimisers

The Solar Power Optimizer features advanced power electronics and algorithms that continuously monitor and adjust the performance of individual solar panels. By doing so, it maximizes the amount of energy produced by each panel and ensures that the entire solar array is operating at peak efficiency.


1. Module-level maximum power point tracking, increasing system power generation by 5-25%

2. Real-time monitoring of the operating status of each PV module, timely detection of faulty modules and accurate positioning

3. Module level shutdown to eliminate the high voltage and improve the safety of PV system

4. Safe and reliable, with overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, short-circuit protection, no high temperature risk when any component fails

5. Can be installed on the new or existing PV systems, without changing the original line, easy to install and maintain

6. 25-year life design, matching PV modules


400w solar panel optimisers600w solar panel optimiserspower optimizer for solar panels

400w solar pv optimiser


PV Module Level Optimization & Monitoring Solution ( Added-on Optimizer, Wireless Communication, Residential Project )


10KW PV Station: 26pcs 390W Panels, 2 strings
26pcs NX-SPO 400 / ~600 + 1pcs Beebox

600w solar pv optimiserNotes:
* Choose Beebox for a good on-site communication environment.



PV Module Level Optimization & Monitoring Solution ( Added-on Optimizer, Wireless Communication )


10KW PV Station: 390W Panels 26pcs, 2 strings
26pcs NX-SPO 400/ ~600 + 1 pcs Beehive + 1pcs swarm

dc optimisersNotes:
* Beehive is selected for complex on-site communication environment or large projects.



PV Module Level Optimization & Monitoring Solution ( Added-on Optimizer, Wireless Communication, Medium and Large Project )


1MW PV Station: 2560pcs 390W Panels, 20 Panels per string, 128Strings in total
2560pcs NX-SPO 400/ ~600 or 1280pcs NX-SPO 1200 + 13pcs Swarm + 3pcs Beehive

optimisers solar



Sole PV Power Optimizer
NX-SPO 400/~600

solar pv optimizer

Technical Data

NX-SPO 400 

NX-SPO 600


Max Input Power

450 W

600 W

Max Input Voltage

75 V

Max Input Current

13 A

15 A

MPPT Voltage Range 

12 V ~ 70 V

12 V ~ 75 V


Max Output Power

 450 W

600 W

Output Voltage Range




System Voltage 

1000 V/1500 V

Max Output Current 

13 A

 15 A


Max Conversion Efficiency




130.3 x 109.6 x 25 mm


588 g

Input (Output) Connector

Compatible with MC4

Working Temperature 

-40 ~ 85℃

Ingress Protection


Relative Humidity




IEC61000-6-2 / IEC61000-6-3

Safety Regulations 

IEC62109-1 (Class II safety)

Overvoltage Category 



CE (Intertek)