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Neexgent Smart Bms 7s Li-ion 8s 20s 16s 13s Lifepo4 200a 300a 72v 60v 48v 36v 24v Bms For Lithium Ion Battery Pack

Specially designed for 7 ~ 20 series battery packs of power batteries, electric bicycles, motorcycles and other
products; it can be applied to lithium batteries with different chemical properties, such as lithium ion, lithium polymer, lithium
iron phosphate, etc. The protection board has strong load carrying capacity and the maximum continuous discharge current can reach
● 7-20 cell series protection, and automatically recognize the number of battery strings ● The car gauge level simulates the front
chip, the voltage acquisition precision is high;more secure and reliable. 
● Various protection functions for charging and
● Power switch for relay, high voltage, more reliable. 
● Accurate SOC calculation with automatic SOC learning function
● Bluetooth communication 
● Optional RS485 communication function can read all battery data in real time and upgrade online. 
●Optional CAN communication function 
● Reserve switch control protection panel output.There is a discharge switch to have a pre-charge function to prevent lighting 
● When the standing time reaches the set value (page switching time for parameter setting), the machine will automatically shut
down and sleep to reduce standby power consumption. 
● Support series connection, but the total number of series after series connection is less than or equal to 32 series
● Parallel use of battery packs is not supported (battery packs are directly connected in parallel, and there is a problem of
large current discharge of high-voltage battery packs to low-voltage battery packs)

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Discharge current 


Discharge overcurrent protection value 

300A delay time IOS; 100A delay time 1S

Internal resistance of main circuit conduction


Charging current (same mouth)


Charging current protection 


Charging voltage

Ternary battery string number X 42V

LiFePO4 battery string number X 3.6V


Overcharge protection 

Equalization voltage

Overcharge protection: Ternary 4.25±0.03V LiFe 3.65±0.05V Open voltage

Ternary 3.6V±0.03V LiFe 3.35±0.03V

Protection delay time: 2000 mS 

Open differential pressure: 10 mV

Recovery voltage: Ternary 4.15±0.05V LiFe 3.45±0.05V Balanced current



Over-discharge voltage protection

Discharge overcurrent protection

Protection voltage: Ternary 2.8±0.1V Lithium iron 2.5±0.1V 

Overcurrent protection value: 300A for 10S

Protection delay time: 2000 mS 

Recovery condition: 32s delayed release

Recovery voltage: 3.0 ±0.1 V



Short circuit protection

Temperature control protection

Detection delay time: 5000 uS 

Discharge high temperature protection: 75±3℃

Release condition: disconnect the load and delay 60s to release

Discharge high temperature lifting temperature: 65±3℃


Self-consumption of electricity

Operating temperature

Operating power consumption: < 50 mA

Temperature range: -20℃ / +70℃