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Neexgent Samsung 3.6V 4000mah INR21700-40T Battery

● High-drain unprotected cell for demanding electronics

● 45A Maximum discharge current provides steady power for high-drain devices

● Flat top terminals compatible with common high-drain devices

● 4000mAh capacity for long runtimes even under heavy use



21700 INR Lithium Battery Cell


3.6V 4000mAh

Brand Samsung


CB, UN38.3, BIS, UL, PSE, RoHS

Lead Time

10 Days


T/T, L/C,Western Union


25 Years

Samsung INR21700-40T Battery cell boasts an impressive energy capacity of 4,000 mAh, consistently delivering a robust 45 amp Continuous Discharge/Drain Rating. Remarkably, this exceptional performance is achieved without the necessity for temperature mitigation measures. Even when subjected to continuous discharge/drain of up to 40 amps, the cell's temperature rise remains constrained to a mere 67 degrees Celsius or 153 degrees Fahrenheit. Such attributes render this cell suitable for empowering devices of up to 95 watts per cell, while ensuring steadfast functionality over prolonged durations.


The 40T excels in maintaining unwavering output stability during extended utilization, making it an optimal choice for moderate wattage requirements. Its distinctive value lies in striking an impeccable balance between High Capacity and Ultra-High Discharging/Drain capabilities, all while maintaining peak performance standards.


  • Rechargeable & Reusable

Invest in a rechargeable battery that will last for years to come– this battery can be recharged 250+ times.


  • High Discharge Rate

45A max continuous discharge rate for high-drain electronics, great for making battery packs for devices that require minimum discharge rates.


  • 3 Year Shelf Life

Stock up and store spare batteries with confidence– lithium ion batteries have a 3+ year shelf life, ensuring you always have a fresh replacement when you need it.


Notable Features

  • 4,000mAh capacity provides long runtimes for all your devices
  • Flat top terminal is perfect for use in making OEM battery packs


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samsung 40t inr21700


Lithium-ion rechargeable cell

Model name


Standard discharge capacity

Min. 4,000mAh
- Charge: 0.5C(2A), 4.20V, 0.05C(200mA) cut-off @ RT
- Discharge: 0.2C(800mA), 2.5V cut-off @ RT

Rated discharge capacity

Min. 3,900 mAh
- Charge:1.5C(6A), 4.20V, 0.025C(100mA)cut-off @RT
- Discharge: 10A, 2.5V cut-off @ RT

Nominal voltage


Standard charge

CCCV, 2A, 4.20 V, 200mA cut-off

Rated charge

CCCV, 6A, 4.20 V, 100mA cut-off

Charging time Standard charge

180min / 200mA cut-off(@ RT)
Rated charge: 70min / 100mA cut-off(@ RT)

Max. continuous discharge

(Surface temperature)
35A(Without temperature cut)
45A(With 80℃ temperature cut)

Discharge cut-off voltage

2.5V (End of discharge)

Cycle life

Capacity ≥ 2,400mAh @ after 250cycles
(60% of the standard capacity @ RT)
- Charge : 6A, 4.20V, CCCV 100mA cut-off @ RT
- Discharge: 35A , 2.5V cut-off @ RT

Retention characteristics

Capacity recovery(after the storage) ≥ 3,510 mAh
(90% of the rated capacity @ RT)
- Charge : 6A, 4.20V, CCCV 100mA cut-off @ RT
- Storage : 30 days (@ 60℃ )
- Discharge : 10A , 2.5V cut-off @ RT

Cell weight

70.0g max

Cell dimension

Height : Max 70.30mm
Diameter : Max 21.22mm-SAMSUNG SDI Confidential Proprietary –
Spec. No. INR21700-40T Version No. 0.0

Operating temperature

Operating temperature(*2)
Charge : 0 to 50℃
(recommended recharge release < 45℃ )
Discharge: -20 to 80℃
(must re-discharge release < 60℃ )

Storage temperature(*3)

(Recovery 90% after storage)
1 year 0~25℃
3 months 0~45℃
1 month 0~60℃


Note (*¹): Protection function of the battery pack should be set within the specified charge,
discharge and temperature range in the Cell Specification.


Note (*²): Discharge OTP(over temp. protection) should not be over 80℃ of the cell
surface temperature. Protection set should be based on the location of the cell
surface with the highest temp increase part of the battery pack.


Note (*³): If the cell is kept as ex-factory status (30% of charge),
the capacity recovery rate is more than 90%.


samsung 40t inr21700


samsung 21700 cells21700 battery 4000mah21700 rechargeable battery