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Neexgent High Quality 14s 15a 48v Bms For Li-ion Battery Pack With Balance For E-bike

It is an intelligent protection board scheme specially designed for electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and other products 16 series battery pack and the design of the same mouth protection plate. It is suitable for lithium batteries with different chemical properties, such as lithium ion, lithium polymer, lithium iron phosphate, etc.The protection board has strong load carrying capacity and the maximum continuous discharge current can reach 30A.   
● 7-16 cell series protection
● Various protection functions for charging and discharging
● Hardware discharge over - current, short - circuit protection function processing
● Reserve discharge control switch and discharge temperature protection position
● Very low static consumption current

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Discharge current


Discharge overcurrent protection value 


Internal resistance of main circuit conduction

<20 mΩ

Charging current (same port) 


Charging current (sub-port)


Charging voltage 

Ternary battery string number X 4.2V

lithium iron battery pack strings X 3.6V


Overcharge protection 

Equalization voltage

Detection voltage: Ternary 4.25±0.03V lithium iron 3.65±0.03 V

Detection voltage: ternary 24.18V lithium iron 3.40V

Detection delay time: 1000 mS 

Dissolution voltage: Ternary V4.18V LiFe < 3.40 V

Dissolution voltage: Ternary 4.18±0.05V LiFe 3.45±0.05V

Equalization current: 20-30 mA


Over-discharge voltage protection

Over-discharge current protection

Detection voltage: ternary 2.8±0.1V lithium iron 2.5±0.08V

Detection voltage: NA

Detection delay time: 100mS 

Detection delay: NA

Dissolution voltage: Ternary 3.0±0.1V LiFe 3.0±0.1V     

Dissolution condition: NA


Short circuit protection

Temperature control protection

Trigger condition: NA

Discharge over temperature protection: 75±5℃

Detection delay: NA

Discharge high temperature lifting temperature: 53℃

Dissolution condition: NA



Self-consumption of electricity

Operating temperature

Operating power consumption: < 50 uA

Temperature range: -20℃ / ±80℃