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Neexgent Factory Directly Sale Yinlong 66160H 2.3V 35Ah Lithium Titanate Cell Lto Battery

LTO Advantages
LTO material has higher electric potential with lithium metal,avoiding lithium dendrite during the process of battery overcharging,and has better safety and stability.Meanwhile,it has three-dimensional lithium-ion transmission channel,which can charge and discharge at high rate;full charging and sicharging from extremely low temperature-50°C to ultra-high temperature 60°C can be realized.

High Security
Results show that:The LTO titanium batteries don’t occur fire or explosion after penetration,electric drill,cutting and other tests.
(Remark:This is a professional test.Never imitate !)

LTO Battery Application
Used in Engine starting battery, electric bicycle/motorcycle/scooter,
golf trolley/carts, power tools..UPS, Solar and wind power system, RV, caravan…

Excellent Performance
1.Fast Charge/discharge in 6 minutes(Ref.) and standard Charge: 10 minutes(Ref.)
2.Wide temperature range:-50℃~60℃
3.Long cycle life:30000 times

Neexgent Factory Directly Sale Yinlong 66160F 2.3V 35Ah Lithium Titanate Cell Lto Battery

Yinlong factory directly sale LTO 66160F 35ah lithium titanate battery cell LTO battery for car audio batterie lto pack
The ratio property of the battery material is determined by the ionic conductivity and the electronic conductivity. 
The lithium ion diffusion coefficient of Lithium titanate material is several hundred times higher than that of graphite, which
can make the battery have 10C high rate charge-discharge performance


Features and Benefits
•High security    •Over 30,000 duty cycles     •Ultra-low internal resistance     •Wide operating temperature     •Ultra-high-power performance

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Model No.


Battery Type

Lithium Titanate Battery (LTO)

Electrical Data

Nominal Capacity

35 Ah

Nominal Voltage

2.3 V

Internal Resistance

≤ 1mΩ

Max. Charging Current 

10 C (350 A)

Charging Upper Limit Voltage 

2.8 V

Max. Discharge Current 

10 C (350 A

Discharge Cut-off Voltage

1.5 V

Cycle Lifetime


Operational Requirements

Operating Ambient Temperature 

-50°C ~ 65°C (Charging) -50°C ~ 65°C (Discharging)

Storage Ambient Temperature

-20°C ~ 45°C Short-term (within 1 month) -20°C ~ 20°C Long-term (within 1 year)

Storage Humidity


Mechanical Data


1.22 kg

Cell Construction Type


Cell Diameter

66 mm

Cell Height (excluding terminals)

160 mm

Cell Height (including terminals)

202 mm

Shell Material