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Neexgent EVE 3.2V 105ah LiFePO4 Cell Lithium Ion Solar Battery Grade A Li Ion Battery


LiFePO4 Battery Cells

3.2V 105Ah





Lead Time

10 Days


T/T, L/C,Western Union


10 Years


● Non-toxic, no rare metals, and no risk of explosions or fires.
● Lasts 10x longer (4000-6000 cycles).
● Only 1/4 the weight of lead-acid batteries.
● Functions from -20 to +75°C.
● Charge at any time without capacity loss.
● Perfect for RVs, ships, home storage, and telecom.
● Supports 1C-105A discharge.

Our technical team meticulously inspects each cell for physical defects, leaks, voltage, and internal resistance. Additionally, a random selection of cells is tested in sets of four to verify their true capacity. Impressively, all cells surpass the 105Ah capacity threshold.


The Lifepo4 EVE 3.2V 105Ah batteries are genuine, brand-new cells complete with clear QR codes. To facilitate easy assembly, M6 studs will be welded onto each cell. Additionally, every battery shipment will include one copper busbar and two nuts.


The following tests have been conducted on these 3.2V 105Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells: overcharge, overdischarge, over-temperature, short circuit, drop, crush, and needle puncture. Remarkably, even under these extreme conditions, these battery cells exhibit no tendencies to catch fire, explode, or leak.


Benefits of EVE 3.2V 105Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Cells:

  • Virtually eliminates the risk of thermal runaway.
  • Crafted from low-toxicity materials (iron, graphite, phosphate).
  • Offers an impressive 4000 to 6000 cycle life.
  • Functions in temperatures up to 70°C for adaptability in various environments.
  • Ensures stability over time.
  • Delivers consistent power output throughout discharge.
  • Easily recyclable for eco-friendly energy solutions.
  • Equipped with RS485 and RS232 for seamless system integration.


Accessory specifications
Busbars: 90*20*2mm or 100*20*2mm
(We offer two options for busbars; for additional details, please contact us.)

Screw Size: M6
1 Battery Kit: Includes 1 busbar, 2 nuts, and 2 screws

For 4 Battery Kits: You'll receive 4 busbars, 8 nuts, and 8 screws.
(If you require more, please reach out to us via our online support.)

EVE 3.2v 105ah lithium iron phosphate battery cells accessory



  • Please refrain from immersing the battery in water.
  • Ensure correct polarity when inserting batteries; align the (+) and (-) properly.
  • Avoid disassembly, disposal in fire, exposure to heat, or short-circuiting.
  • Limit battery exposure to prolonged sunlight.
  • Avoid mixing new batteries with used ones.
  • Keep batteries out of reach of children.


Important Notes:

  • Cells are supplied with M6 studs, laser-welded onto them.
  • No additional accessories are included. Only the cells are provided.
  • This battery is best suited for DIY enthusiasts or experienced battery builders.

EVE 3.2V Lithium Battery CellsEVE 3.2V LiFePO4 battery CellsEVE Grade A battery Cells

Packaging Protection: Foam padding is included inside the box to offer extra safeguarding against any potential movement or impact of the battery cells during transit.


Marking and Warning Labels: The packaging is clearly labeled with warnings and instructions to highlight the characteristics and potential risks associated with the battery. This includes precautions against short circuits, high temperatures, and any tearing of the packaging.


EVE Li Ion Battery



Two-dimensional Diagram

EVE 3.2v 105ah Lifepo4 Battery Size


Nominal Technical Parameter

Item Parameter
Nominal capacity 105Ah
Nominal voltage 3.2V
AC Impedance resistance (1KHz) ≤0.5mΩ


Standard charge/discharge

Current of charge/discharge



Cut-off voltage of charge/discharge


Maximum current of charge/discharge

Constant charge/discharge



Pulse charge/discharge (30s)



Recommend SOC window 10%~90%
Charge temperature 0℃~55℃
Discharge temperature -20℃~55℃


Storage temperature

1 month -20℃~45℃


1 year 0℃~35℃
Storage humidity <95%
Self-discharge rate per month ≤3%/per month


Width 130.3±0.3mm


Thickness (30%-40%SOC) 36.7±0.5mm


Height (total)



Height (subject)



Tabs distance





Electrical Performance Diagram

EVE 3.2v 105ah Lifepo4 Battery Charge and Discharge Diagram


Packing Diagram

EVE 3.2v 105ah Lifepo4 Battery Packaging Logistics

  • Household Solar Energy System: LiFePO4 battery cells provide exceptional safety, durability, and efficiency, making them a reliable and eco-friendly choice for home solar power. They enable energy independence, backup during outages, and cost savings for homeowners.


  • Portable Electronics: These batteries power a wide array of portable devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and digital cameras. Their lightweight design is well-suited for these applications, offering high power in a compact package.


  • Business & Commercial: LiFePO4 batteries are commonly employed in business and commercial applications, including alarm systems, solar panel systems, and security lighting, ensuring dependable power supply.


  • Marine Applications: With their lightweight and high-power capabilities, LiFePO4 batteries are the preferred choice for propelling fishing boats and kayaks.


  • Industrial Settings: LiFePO4 batteries excel in industrial environments due to their ability to endure high temperatures and maintain charge over extended periods. They are the ideal choice for powering machinery and equipment in such settings.