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Neexgent Camping Emergency 600w Portable Power Station Portable Energy Storage Power Supply


Portable Energy Storage



Output Voltage

EU And US Standard



Lead Time

10 Days


T/T, L/C,Western Union


25 Years

Reliable and energizer portable power station with 600Wh battery and multi-output clean sine wave inverter. With this charging station, you can charge any device in the event of a power outage and easily use it for fishing, hiking, and hunting.


For convenience, 500w 600w portable power station unit comes with an information display and flashlight, is lightweight, and a foldable handle makes it easy to carry.


Product Features: 

  • 600Wh lithium iron phosphate battery 
  • 8 in 1: Can charge eight devices simultaneously, with a total power of 600W
  • 1 AC power socket: Built-in 230V converter, uninterrupted operation of household appliances under 600W
  • Two 5.5 x 2.5 mm interfaces + cigarette lighter interfaces for connecting various DC devices
  • USB-C 65W Power Delivery port: Charge your laptop from 0 to 100% in 1.5 hours.
  • Three USB-A 5V/2.4A ports. Guaranteed maximum charging speed for your gadgets.
  • Fast charging stations (0 to 50% in 2 hours).
  • Fully charged from a 100W solar panel in 8 hours
  • Support up to 200W solar panels


The charging station is equipped with a multi-level protection system


There are three ways to charge it. The 600W generator set is equipped with a high quality built-in MPPT charging controller that makes charging the generator set fast and simple by connecting the solar panel (sold separately). Alternatively, it can be charged from an electrical outlet, a 12V car outlet, or a generator portable outlet ups battery.


Delivery includes: portable power station, vehicle charging cable, AC charging cable, operating manual.


The impact-resistant housing is made of high-strength ABS plastic and retains its integrity even when dropped.
Adaptive charging. Automatically select the best voltage or current to charge any device.


In the design of the product, a multi-level safety mechanism is adopted. Mechanism, product safety and reliability are fully guaranteed. It's totally guaranteed. It has multi-port AC output and DC output function, can meet the demand of mobile phone, laptop, camera, TV, various equipment and so on. Mobile phones, laptops, cameras, TV sets, various chargers, game consoles, DVDS, etc. Power supply requirements for chargers, game consoles, DVD players, small power tools and portable battery powered light. And other equipment, and built-in LED lighting portable battery box.

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  • Specification

Model No.


Battery Capacity


Charging Time

≈3.5h (Combination Charging) Simultaneous Charge-and-Discharge Function

Battery Cell Type

lithium ion Battery

Charging Temperature


Discharging Temperature


Overload Protection

Protection Method: 1200W/1S

Ac Interface Standard Shape

US/JP/Australia/European/Uk PLUG

Ac Output Waveform Type

Pure Sine Wave

Ac Rated Output Voltage

US/JP: 100V-120V CN/EU/AU/UK: 220V-240V

Default Frequency

US/JP: 60Hz CN/EU/AU/UK: 50Hz

Cigarette Lighter Interface


Solar Input Interface

Charging Voltage Range:12V~30V

Usb Interface

USB-A1*2: 5V/2.4A USB-A2(QC3.0):5V/3A, 9V2A, 12V1.5A

Usb-c Interface

PD Interface Bi-directional Charging and Discharging

Led Light Modes

1, Always On 2, Medium Brightness 3, Blink Mode 4, SOS Mode

Combination Charging


Selling Point

Accurate power control/Cost effective

Future Upgrade

Series Products/Bi-directional fast charging (bi-directional inverter)




  • Packing List

600w portable power station       Power station


portable energy storage power supply       USB cable


12 volt battery backup power supply  User manual


12 volt power supply with battery backup      Adapter


  • Product schematic

The AC power outlet, AC output voltage and frequency of this product may change depending on the country or region, please refer to the actual product!


1. Display Screen

2. DC charging port

3.  AC power switch

4.  AC power socket

5. DC switch

6. Car charger port

7. DC output port*2

8. USB switch

9. USB-C

10. USB-A 1

11. USB-A 2 & USB-A 3

12. LED switch (one button to power off)

13. LED lighting

14. Wireless charging

portable power station distributor


  • Display Screen

1. Battery level/charging status

2. Remaining battery

3. Discharge time remaining/charge/discharge status

4. High and low temperature protection warning

5. AC output DC output

6. DC output

7. USB output

8. Wireless charging output

9. AC output frequency (60Hz)

1200w portable power station