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**Equipped with power converter and 8 m wire,

  can be used with 100v-240v AC, equipped with 100W

  DC water pump / direct connection to water 
  source (head: 15m) 

**Equipped with a set of piggyback lithium battery packs,

  24V/15ah, 7-8 hours of battery life; can be directly

  connected to the water source/ can be purchased

  separately from the pump. 

**Fusion lithium battery version and mains version,

  providing two power supply solutions, free choice,

  equipped with 1 OOW DC water pump/ direct 
  connection to water source.

Single-head electric photovoltaic cleaning brush
Brushless motor version
This version is a new version in 22 years.It upgrades t he tradit ional brushed motor 
to a brushless motor,and comprehensively improves the speed,torque,waterproof 
and life.The latest internal waterproof structure design realizes complete sealing 
and waterproofing,and calmly responds to high pollution.and other harsh environments 

automatic solar panel cleaning system price

There are two pole options for cleaning solar panels: aluminum alloy (default) and carbon fiber

(with varying prices), customizablebased on your needs. Aluminum alloy poles are durable and

suitable for regular use, while carbon fiber poles are lighter and more flexible, ideal for intricate cleaning tasks.

Choose based on your requirements; carbon fiber is better for frequent carrying or cleaning complex surfaces,

despite the higher price.

pole options for cleaning solar panels

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The product 

Electric single head photovoltaic cleaning machine (Brushless motor version) 

Telescopic rod

Length (M): 1. 5/ 1. 8/2.1 
Diameter (MM):36/39.5/ 43 

Number of stanzas (section):3/4/5 
Wall thickness:1 mm

Material:Aluminum alloy

Drive the motor 

Name:DC motor 
Voltage: DC24V 

Total power:300W 
Rotate speed:350/min 

Brush head 

Brush disc diameter(CM):32 
Cleaning width (CM) :32 

Service life:1-2 years

(Frequency of use) 
Material: Nylon wire 

Wire water pipes

Wire (M): Household electricity 16 
Lithium battery 8 

Pumping pipe (M):8



Brushless motor version 

Speed comparison

350 rpm/min 

The speed of the brush less motor version is increased

by 15%, and the cleaning efficiency is steadily improved. 

Torque comparison 


The brushless motor version has more power and torque,

and is more powerful,and it is still stable against oily and

rust environments.

Waterproof comparison


The brushless motor version can provide up to IP7

waterproof, and it can still operate after being

immersed in water for a short time to deal with high

pollution environments.

Life comparison

Theoretical life is 20000 hours

The brush less motor version adopts brushless

technology, which reduces the excitation |oss and

carbon brush loss,and there_ is no internal spark,

which greatly improves the product life.