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Neexgent Automatic Solar Cleaning Machine Electric Solar Panel Cleaning Rotating Brush

**Equipped with a power converter and 8 meters of wire, it can be

  used by connecting to 100v-240v AC,and can be directly connected

  to the water source / the pump can be purchased separately. 


**Equipped with a set of piggyback lithium battery packs, 24V/26ah,

  8-1 0 hours of battery life;can be directly connected to the water

  source / can be purchased separately from the pump. 


**The combination of lithium ba ery version and mains version

  provides two power supply solutions,free choice, direct

  connection to water source / separate optional pump. 

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The product 

Electric photovoltaic cleaning roller brush 
(can be dry cleaned/washed) 

Telescopic rod

Length (M): 1. 5/1. 8/2.1 
Diameter (MM):35/39.5/ 43

Number of stanzas (section):3/4/5 
Wall thickness:1 MM

Material:Aluminum alloy

Drive the motor 

Name:DC motor 
Voltage: DC24V 

Total power: 120W 
Rotate speed:350/min 

Brush head 

The width of the brush disc (CM):60 
Cleaning width (CM) :60 

Service life:1-2 years

(Frequency of use) 
Material: Nylon wire 

Wire water pipes

Wire (M): Household electricity 16 
Lithium battery 8 

Water pipe (M):15