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Neexgent Automatic Photovoltaic Panels Cleaning Equipment Solar Panel Cleaning Robot


Solar Panel Cleaning Robot
Mode Fully automatic remote control
Cleaning Methods Dry cleaning/wet cleaning


CB, UN38.3, BIS, UL, PSE, RoHS

Lead Time

10 Days


T/T, L/C,Western Union


25 Years

6063 aviation aluminum alloy body, crawler design, remote control

operation, no need for personnel to follow, can span 10CM intervals

and 5CM heights, especially suitable for cleaning and maintenance

of solar panels where people and equipment cannot reach.

NXR-Ⅳ Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Introducing the NXR-Ⅳ by Neexgent, a compact and adaptable robot designed for the challenging task of cleaning

PV panelson rooftops and solar farms. Its portability allows for seamless relocation, making it an ideal choice for

cleaning companies providing services to PV plant owners.


Employing rotating brushes, constant panel pressure, and demineralized water, the NXR-Ⅳ ensures a thorough cleaning

process.When used alongside a mobile work platform, operators can effortlessly transport the robot to the roof and

control it via radio using a joystick.


For small solar farms with narrow panels, the NXR-Ⅳ remains highly effective. An accompanying support wagon offers

essential resources like water, electrical power, and pressurized air, enabling independent operation.


Product Features:

  • 6063 aviation aluminum alloy body, light weight,high strength, will not damage your solar panels.
  • Intelligent PLC control DC geared motor
  • Brand Grade A lithium battery 24V26AHlarge capacity maintenance-free gel battery
  • High wear-resistantindustrial nylon cleaning roller.
  • Brand high quality all-terrain wear-resistant rubber track
  • >150 meters ultra-longdistance, hold the for mularacing remote control with both hands


Crawler Chassis All-Terrain Operation
Crawler chassis under the control of the remote control to achieve any
direction on the photovoltaic panel walking, obstacle crossing ability is
excellent, can be a full range of no dead Angle cleaning operations.


150m Remote Control Cleaning
The robot is controlled by remote wireless remote control,the control
distance can reach 150 meters, and the use is more flexible.

Lt Can Be Washed or Drv-Cleaned
The front end is equipped with a rotating rolling brush and the upper
end of the rolling brush is equipped with a nozzle.The combination of
the two results in efficient cleaning of photovoltaic panels.


Wide Range of Applications
Suitable for all kinds of ground, roof, desert, mountain 
distributed or concentrated photovoltaic solar panels.


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Model No. NXR-Ⅳ

Rolling brush speed

600 r/min

Speed of travel

11-12 m/min

Width of cleaning


Operating voltage


Angle of operation

30 ° or less

Power supply mode

Lithium battery (24V 26AH*2)

Endurance of service

3-4 hours

Cleaning type

Dry cleaning and washing

Maximum water consumption

20L/ min

Method of control

Remote handle control

Operating temperature range

- 20 to 50°c

Overall dimensions


Weight of equipment


Brush wire material

Nylon yarn