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Neexgent 12v Lifepo4 Charger 14.6v20a 4s Lifepo4 Battery Charger 12v Lipo Battery Charger

• Input Voltge:100-240Vac 47-63HZ
• Operating Tenperature:-10°C~+50*C
• Charge Method: Constant Voltage / 
 Constant Current / Floating Charge (CC/CV)
• Efficiency:>87%
• Product Size:163*95*56mm
• Warranty:3 years
• Case Material:PC UL94VO
• Input Material:"Red" charge, "green" full
• N.W:0.3kg
• Packge Type:Cartons 24*14*10cm
• Package Size:50pcs (65*40*43.5cm)
• Delivery Ti me:2-5working days
• Product standards: CE/ROHS/SAA

dc to dc lithium battery charger


Iput Plug

ion lithium battery charger


Output Plug

lithium polymer battery charger


12v lithium battery with charger

lithium car battery charger

dc-dc lithium ion battery charger

charger for lithium motorcycle battery



Charger for ternary lithium battery/lead acid/lifepo4 battery

Ltem No

Battery Vltage


Charge voltage 

Charge Current

3.7V  3.7V Ternary Lithium Battery 1S 4.2V 20A
6V 6V Lead Acid Battery 1S 7.2V 20A
7.4V 7.4V Ternary Lithium Battery 2S 8.4V 20A
12V 12V Ternary Lithium Battery 3S 12.6V 20A
12V 12V Lead Acid Battery 1S 14.5V 20A
12V 12V Lifepo4Lithium Battery 4S 14.8V 20A
15V 14.8V Ternary Lithium Battery 4S 16.8V 15A
22.2V 22.2V Ternary Lithium Battery 5S 25.2V 12A
24V 24V Lead Acid Battery 2S 29V 10A
24V 24V Lifepo4Lithium Battery 8S 29.2V 10A
24V 24V Ternary Lithium Battery 7S 29.4V 10A
30V 29.6V(30V) Ternary Lithium Battery 8S 33.6V 10A
36V 36V Ternary Lithium Battery 10S 42V 8A
36V 36V Lead Acid Battery 3S 43.5V 8A
36V 36V(38.4V) Lifepo4Lithium Battery 12S 43.2V 8A
44.4V 44.4V Ternary Lithium Battery 12S 50.4V 6A
48V 48V Ternary Lithium Battery 13S 54.6V 6A
48V 48V(51.8V) Ternary Lithium Battery  14S 58.8V 6A
48V 48V(51.2V) Lifepo4Lithium Battery 16S 58.4V 6A
48V 48V Lead Acid Battery 4S 58V 6A
55.5V 55.5V Ternary Lithium Battery 15S 63V 5A
60V 60V Ternary Lithium Battery 16S 67.2V 4A
60V 60V(63V) Ternary Lithium Battery 17S 71.4V 4A
60V 60V Lead Acid Battery 5S 72.5V 4A
60V 60V(64V) Lifepo4Lithium Battery 20S 73V 4A
72V 72V Ternary Lithium Battery 20S 84V 4A
72V 72V(77.7V) Ternary Lithium Battery 21S 88.2V 4A
72V 72V Lead Acid Battery  6S 87V 4A
72V 72V(76.8V) Lifepo4Lithium Battery 24S 87.6V 4A
84V 84V(85.1V) Ternary Lithium Battery 23S 96.6V 3A
84V 84V Lead Acid Battery 7S 101.5V 3A
96V 96V(63V) Lead Acid Battery 8S 116V 2.5A